Accra Sports Stadium blacked out over $60k debt


Starr Sports investigations have revealed the caretaker of the Accra Sports Stadium, the National Sports Authority, owes the Electricity Company of Ghana GH¢ 240,000 ($60,000) for the past two months putting the edifice and its offices in total darkness.

The accrued debt covers a period of 15 months without a penny paid by the Stadium authorities.

Private workers and official occupants of the edifice who have offices within the stadium have complained of unfavourable working conditions due to the absence of lights.

But the estate manager of the NSA, Eric Nkansah Gyamenah, said efforts to raise funds internally to settle the debt have hit a snag.

“From 2014 till now we owe over GHC 240,000 and the Electricity Company is demanding that at least half of the amount is paid for the light to be restored.

“We can’t afford to pay this amount through internally generated funds since government subventions are not enough, but we hope to overcome this predicament soon if private entities come and hire the place for events,” he added.

Meanwhile, most offices within the stadium have been running on generators provided by individuals but our insider sources have also revealed the NSA anytime soon will pay at least $15,000 to ECG to reduce the outstanding debt.


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