Semalt Shares A Guide To Successful Targeted Email Campaign


Building a close relationship with your customers is an excellent idea for e-commerce success. One ingenious method that has worked successfully without hitches is the email marketing. However, not all the customers are the same. In most cases, the emails load the inbox of clients making them tiresome to read. This scenario is not good for your SEO as well as the way people feel about the content.

As a result, email marketing needs to be tailor made for every client. In email marketing, the technique of one size fits all does not apply. For instance, email marketing involves customizing the message body of every client to suit their need. For those who are dispatching their emails for many customers, some email personalization techniques can create a brand image of the way customers engage with your content.

The Senior Sales Manager of Semalt Digital Services, Ryan Johnson, elaborates on the basics of targeted email marketing.

When carrying out segmentation of email marketing, you need to observe a few basics:

  • Recency

This is how fast or recently a client engages with an email. It can show you the pattern and the time to throw in a mail like “we miss you”.

  • Customer vs. Prospects

This is the difference between what some people buy and what they expect. For instance, a PS4 buyer would expect updates in recent games.

  • Frequency

It affects the pattern with which a customer makes purchases.

  • Monetary

The amount of money a customer used the previous time is essential when prioritizing.

How to succeed in segmentation

  • 1. Geotargeting:

When running local businesses, it is always important to narrow your SEO techniques to the niche you need. This can make your ads more targeted and accurate. A local store can employ the use of Google Maps, which also helps clients rank their website content over the internet.

  • 2. Demographics:

Men and women are different at all ages. There are various factors which can trigger either one of them to agree to make a purchase. In most cases, women are easier to find on different websites as most men shop in stores. Similarly, people have different shopping habits in different age groups. For instance, a student will not make similar choices with a middle class. Demographics are thus necessary to create targeted ads and email campaign.

  • 3. Time and seasonal needs:

The time of the week or day affects quick time shoppers. For instance, a weekend email campaign should not seem similar to a Monday email campaign. Different niches have different patterns of engaging with your web content.

  • 4. Google Customer Match:

This tool belongs to Google AdWords. It makes businesses get similar clients by uploading a list of your current clients and getting a new custom audience. The tool can bring features of a narrow target niche which is essential for your SEO and email marketing.


Email marketing is an important method of reaching out visitors of a website. In many cases, email marketing techniques employ a generalized way of sending an email to all. Making the emails special and unique to a customer is one of the methods to be successful in this process. Other SEO benefits which come from email marketing segmentation include backlinking and positive ranking.


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