AKUFO-ADDO SACKS EC BOSS …Daily Guide for the Kill!


The days of first female Chairperson of Ghana’s Electoral Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei at the election management body are numbered; thanks to resolve by President Akufo-Addo and his ruling New Patriotic Party government to use the Chief Justice and pro-NPP media to get rid of her at-all-cost, The aL-hAJJ can confirm.

The President and kingpins of the governing party have now resorted to using media houses sympathetic to their course to mount pressure on Her Ladyship Sophia Akuffo to establish a prima facie case against the EC boss leading to her eventual dismissal, this paper’s intelligence has gathered.

Having succeeded in using “hired” agents to petition him, the President, who in turn referred the matter to the Chief Justice and thus, triggering impeachment process against the EC boss; President Akufo Addo and the governing New Patriotic Party are now using crude and unorthodox moves to speed up Mrs Osei’s departure.

Leaving no stone unturned in this evil and diabolic enterprise, and, despite the pending of their three separate “sponsored” petitions before the CJ; President Akufo Addo and the NPP kingpins are also relying on the NPP acting National Chairman’s tabloid, Daily Guide, to malign and see to the exit Mrs Charlotte Osei.

Their new strategy, The aL-hAJJ has uncovered, is to get Daily Guide and other NPP-inclined media houses to continually incite the public against Mrs. Osei’s continued stay in office. This is to be done through repeated publication of unproven scandalous and malicious allegations against the EC boss so as to force her to resign even before the Chief Justice makes a determination on the petitions forwarded to her office.

If in the event she fails to quit, the spurious publications are expected to tie the arms of the CJ to come to conclusion that the EC boss is unhealthy of heading the state’s election management body.

In furtherance of this diabolic plot, the NPP acting National Chairman’s paper has for some time now consistently, been publishing outrageous and demeaning stories about the EC boss on its front page in order to paint a picture to the world that she has lost any legitimacy to remain head of the Commission.

According to a party source privy to the evil plans, “they (NPP) are on a two pronged approach… counting on the petition as well as the negative reportage on Charlotte Osei in the Daily Guide. In the case of the petition; it is either a prima facie case will be established or she is exonerated. If it turns out that no adverse findings are made against her by the CJ’s committee to warrant her dismissal, then; it means the NPP has lost,” the source told this paper.

Adding that, “…to avoid a situation where if the CJ’s committee is unable to make adverse findings against her, she is then left off the hook, they have therefore decided to fall on Daily Guide to continually publish negative and outrageous stories about the EC boss. This is intended to paint her “black” and to incite the public against her continuous stay in office”.

These negative publications, according to the source, are also part of grand plans to get the public to believe that with Charlotte Osei as head of the EC, the 2020 election may be in danger. The source further revealed that they (NPP) are doing these things to get the public to start pilling pressure on Mrs Osei to voluntary quit even before the CJ and her committee recommends her sacking.

“If even they don’t get the public to push her out, they also want to use these series of negative publications to influence the CJ in establishing prima facie case against her and the rest would be history,” the source explained.

Another source, also neck-deep in the plot but against it, disclosed to this paper that part of the reasons for Daily Guide’s incessant malicious publications against the EC boss is to blight the “2017 Woman of Courage Award” the US government recently conferred on Mrs. Charlotte Osei.

“That award is also one of the things that NPP is not too happy with. How come no less a country than the USA will award someone we have continually denigrated and wants out of office…? It won’t then support our claim that, the woman is inefficient and corrupt and therefore must be chased out”.

NPP Chairman, Mr Freddy Blay and his paper, the Daily Guide, have since the filing of the petitions against the EC boss made it a “daily ritual” to publish disparaging banner headlines about Mrs Charlotte Osei, alleging how corrupt and inefficient she has been as head of the election management body.

Though the NPP tabloid has been relentless in vilifying Mrs Charlotte Osei since her appointment as EC boss in 2015, the ruling NPP National Chairman’s paper has of late upped its agenda to paint the woman “black” in furtherance of the governing party’s dream of getting her out.

Recently, The aL-haJJ revealed how some officials at the Flagstaff House together with two leading legislators of the NPP from Ashanti and Eastern regions hired an IT expert to fabricate supposed text/whatsapp messages between the EC boss and another staff of the EC.

The made-to-believe text/whatsapp correspondence, this paper has gathered, are to be published in selected pro-government media depicting how Mrs Charlotte Osei and some staff of the EC had planned manipulating the 2016 election results to favor then President John Dramani Mahama and the National Democratic Congress.

Early this year, The aL-hAJJ had revealed how some NPP heavyweights at a high-level meeting concluded that, in order to extend the party’s stay in power beyond 2020, the current EC boss must be chased out of office.

The paper quoted NPP sources as having stated that “Charlotte has been ‘marked’ out as a possible impediment in the NPP’s quest to win the 2020 elections. She will block any attempt by the NPP to rig the election. She will also prove difficult if we want to push for the implementation of ROPA…and because of this; they are planning to get rid of her from that office.”

According to the source; “winning 2020 election will not be an easy task so we are fervently preparing for that. And one of the ways to make our win easy in 2020 is to push for the implementation of ROPA. With that, the election results can easily be manipulated…but rigging election itself is also not an easy task because some of the guys working at EC must be in support of it. And, considering how the NPP vilified Charlotte and even attempted to use the courts to block her appointment, she may not support any move to implement ROPA when she is not convinced that the implementation will not compromise the election results”.

Few weeks after the paper’s revelation, a supposed undated petition, allegedly by some unnamed staff of the EC was filed at the presidency to trigger impeachment of Mrs Osei.

A statement signed by Director of Communications at the presidency, Eugene Arhin, subsequently revealed that lawyer for the petitioners, Maxwell Opoku Agyemang, has provided names of the petitioners and also added date to the earlier undated petition.

This was after lawyer for the EC boss, Thaddeus Sory, filed a defamation suit against Maxwell Opoku Agyemang for his failure to disclose the identity of the petitioners.

The said EC staff’s petition was to be followed by another petition from a person who described himself as citizen of Ghana. All petitions have been forwarded to the CJ for investigation.

And just three weeks ago, another petition against Mrs Charlotte Osei was again filed at the presidency by another Ghanaian demanding her removal from office. The EC boss has however denied all allegations leveled against her and has remained resolute in fighting her “accusers”.

Since the filing of the series of petitions, pro-NPP tabloids have been relentless in publishing image-denting stories about the EC boss, all aimed at getting her to either resign or force the CJ to establish a prima facie case against her.

Communicators of the ruling party have also not disappointed their backers in denigrating the EC boss, describing her as unfit to occupy the position. To sustain their plot, Daily Guide has been tasked to fan the scheme through constant publication of malicious stories. Stay tuned





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