JM’s Soaring Popularity

With his popularity ratings fast rising nine months after he was rejected at the polls, worried strategists of the governing New Patriotic Party, The aL-hAJJ’s intelligence has unearthed, are about to unleash image-denting attacks on former President John Dramani Mahama.


In order to drown the baffling soaring popularity of the former President, which they say is posing serious threat to the ruling party’s continue stay in office after 2020, overly worried government officials, this paper’s intelligence has picked up, plan in the coming days to unleash vile propaganda and attacks on Mr. Mahama and some of his appointees.


“They plan painting him “black” and blaming him and his government officials for the cause of all the woes of Ghanaians,” a source revealed.


According to party insiders, this is to slim the chances of former President Mahama, in the event he decides to ride on his growing popularity to want to stage a comeback for the 2020 elections.


To kick start this dastardly act, which our sources say would intensify in the coming days, a hitherto unknown self-acclaimed anti-corruption organization, iWatch Africa, in a recent publication stated, its investigation has revealed that Mr Mahama overspent budget allotted him in excess of GH¢3billion in 2016.


While it is trite knowledge that, any such allocation would have been made to the Office of Government Machinery (General Government Services); the anti-corruption organization, aided by their cohorts in the media mischievously attributed the supposed overspending to the former President purposefully, to project him as an imprudent manager of the country’s resources.


Overly worried, the Ex-President can end the ruling party’s reign in 2020 if the goodwill he is presently enjoying from Ghanaians and the international community remains; some government officials and kingpins of NPP are said to have vowed to discredit Mr Mahama with spurious allegations and claims of wrong doing in the coming days.


Party insiders disclosed to this paper that while functionaries of the NPP were expecting that Ghanaians will demonize Mr. Mahama for worsening their living standards, the contrary seems to have been the case in the last nine months.


“Given the margin with which Mahama lost the 2016 election, they (NPP official) were expecting Ghanaians to be cursing him while praising Akufo-Addo and the NPP, but as we have been witnessing, Ghanaians appear to be calling for his comeback. They appear to be fed up with the NPP just months into government…this is in spite of the euphoria surrounding the recently launched free SHS…this is very worrying and the NPP big men are not happy with it at all,” a deep throat source told The aL-hAJJ.


Following this development which the NPP sees as unpleasant and dangerous to their chances in the next general elections, the sourced revealed that crisis meeting was called at the behest of some heavyweights in the party to discuss how to block Mr Mahama’s growing popularity.


The source who was present at the meeting told this paper that those who attended concluded that “in the coming days, image-denting stories should be hurled at Mahama by pro NPP media houses and those issues must be widely discussed by communicators to demean him in the eyes of the public.”


“They have concluded on going after Mahama and his family and some of his appointees…they want to paint them as filthy corrupt and underserving of managing this country again. Lordina, Ibrahim and some close associates of John Mahama are prime targets for this malicious plot,” the source added.


“You know they have been on the neck of Ibrahim for some time now…all that they are doing to him is part of the plot to dent John Mahama’s image and lower his dignity in the eyes of the public. In the coming days, all manner of false stories will be published about him, his family and most of his appointtees,” the source revealed.


What is said to have sent shivers down the spine of the NPP was the crowd that poured on the street of the Northern regional capital, Tamale, to join the former President in the recent “Unity Walk” organized by the Northern regional branch of the biggest opposition party.


“The NPP thought even NDC members will be ‘mad’ at Mahama for sending them to opposition. But to their surprise, supporters of the party are fired up and praying that Mahama accepts to lead them into the 2020 election…and judging from what is happening, Mahama’s candidature will pose a serious threat to NPP in 2020,” a senior member of the governing party (name withheld) told this paper.



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